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Purified Water Equipment

Release Date:2023-05-06author:Honour Pharmaceutical

HONOUR's purified water machine uses advanced reverse osmosis technology to remove harmful substances from the water, including bacteria, viruses, organic compounds, and inorganic salts, ensuring that every drop of output meets current USP/EU CP/CP requirements. It equipped with an automated control system which can monitor and adjust water quality, ensuring that water quality remains at the desired level. Additionally, our equipment employs advanced anti-pollution and clean technologies and can be equipped with a UV sterilization module to ensure water quality stability and reliability.

Our purified water machines are equipped with dual-stage RO systems, dual-stage RO+EDI systems, and single-stage RO+EDI systems to meet the different needs of our customers.

The dual-stage RO system uses reverse osmosis technology to make the water purer, safer and more stable. In addition, our dual-stage RO+EDI system adds EDI (electrochemical deionization) technology on the basis of the RO system, which can further improve the water quality while having the advantages of lower energy consumption, smaller footprint, and less wastewater production. The single-stage RO+EDI system is also an economical, efficient and easy-to-use option. It combines the advantages of RO and EDI and can be applied in laboratory and industrial applications.

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