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Release Date:2023-05-06author:Honour Pharmaceutical

The design, manufacturing and validation of the HONOUR Multiple-Effect Water Stills (Multiple Effect Distilled Water Machine) fully comply with the current GMP/WHO/EU GMP/FDA/cGMP standards. Through efficient three-stage separation: falling film flash evaporation, 180° gravity reversal liquid-gas separation, and centrifugal spiral separation, it effectively removes heat sources and impurities, and endotoxin can reach lower than 0.01EU/ml. It has a less consumption of public media and a higher utilization rate of purified water, with an industrial steam consumption of 0.18-0.23kg per 1L WFI produced and a utilization rate of purified water exceeding 88%. The highly integrated equipment process layout takes up less space. In addition, it also has an intelligent control system that can monitor and record conductivity in real-time to ensure that the distilled water output meets the required purity requirements. At the same time, the operating system complies with GAMP5/FDA/EUGMP requirements, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to master the various parameters and operation status of the equipment. The materials comply with the ASME BPE electropolishing standard, greatly slow down the generation and diffusion speed of rust, thus extending the service life of the equipment. Specially configured secondary coolers ensure precise and stable WFI output temperatures.


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