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CIP Workstation

Release Date:2023-05-06author:Honour Pharmaceutical

Keywords: Efficient, Reliable, Customizable

HONOUR provides a full-automatic cleaning solution that includes mobile CIP carts, single-tank, double-tank, and multi-tank CIP workstations. The CIP workstation not only cleans the cleaning target but also performs self-cleaning and sterilization of the equipment itself. The system uses 3D modular design, with a compact, beautiful, and generous appearance. An advanced automated control system and a menu-style control interface enable data to be set, calculated, corrected, alarmed, diagnosed, saved, and printed as needed. Our equipment complies with current regulations such as cGMP, FDA, EMA, etc.

HONOUR's CIP system is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages, helping companies improve product quality and safety, reduce costs and enhance market competitiveness. 

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