Fighting Against the Epidemic, Honour is on the Way

Release Date: 2021-01-07author:HONOUR

Thought that with the end of 2020 and the start of 2021, we had passed the low point and would usher in a new beginning. However, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic once again fettered our steps. The days when we could not go out were challenged by various messages in groups, and our nerves were calmed down by official information. The government's rapid response, the touching scenes of provinces and cities rushing to support each other, the busy figures of community personnel, and the bustling footsteps of volunteers... everything is so familiar, yet everything is different from before. This time, we have more mature experience in epidemic prevention and control and a more rapid emergency response. Therefore, we have more reasons to believe that we will soon win this battle against the epidemic!


This battle against the epidemic is the shared responsibility of every resident. Those working at HONOUR are also taking action together! Although home quarantine temporarily stopped our steps, HONOUR and its family members are working together to fight against the epidemic in their own way.


HONOUR employees have fully launched the work-from-home mode. We respond to the government's call, do not believe or spread rumors, actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing, arrange work and life rationally, improve online work efficiency, and wholeheartedly provide services to our customers. If you have any business or technical communication needs, please feel free to contact HONOUR or any of our family members. We are always here.


For those who are working on projects outside the city, they have stepped up their protective measures, wearing masks, disinfecting and measuring temperature regularly, cooperating with owners' epidemic prevention requirements, and sending daily health status updates through the company's public platform. While ensuring safety and protection, they stick to their posts and strive to fulfill our promises to our customers!


HONOUR is moved by having such family members, and also by all the customers who have given us understanding and support during this special period. Here, on behalf of all family members, HONOUR would like to say: "We are all fine, please rest assured!" At the same time, HONOUR reminds all friends that in the face of the epidemic, we must do our own protection: wear masks, avoid gatherings, ventilate frequently, and wash hands frequently.


There is no winter that cannot be crossed,

and there is no spring that will not come.

Believe that everything will soon pass,

Spring is coming towards us just around the corner.